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Where is that damn wagon?!

1 Aug

Wow, it’s been a minute since I’ve written! I was re-inspired  by my friend’s recent and AMAZING weight loss (you can read her brand-new blog at http://www.theinnermirror.blogpress.com) so I’ve decided to get back on board with what worked for me in the past. Over the past few months (well, 8. OUCH! ) I’ve really slacked with my eating. I’ve still been going to the gym a few times a week- but allowing myself indulgences I didn’t when I was successfully losing weight. I have read time and time again that weight loss is 80% food and only 20% physical  activity, but like many others my thought was  eh, I can have that hamburger, I went to the gym today. This folks is a lie that food addicts like myself tell ourselves. I’ve also noticed while reflecting tonight that the more bad stuff I feed my body, the more bad stuff it wants! What a depressing cycle. Im going to get back on my original plan of eating small meals throughout  the day and restrict salt, flour, sugar and simple carbs. I’ve also recently given up dairy and will continue with that. This starts now….