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A Moderate Life

6 Sep

Hello friends! My weekend in Atlanta was amazing. I visited my best friend and niece and nephew who I don’t get to see very often. We’re only around 5 hours away, but you know how it goes life tends to get in the way. It was so good catching up and just spending time together. We didn’t go out much, I made her promise me no mall trips since hopefully I wouldn’t be able to wear any new clothes I would have bought for long anyways! On a side note, this has ignited quite a shoe obsession in me! (My new Tom’s are super cute, and for every pair sold they donate a pair to a child in need, so how can you go wrong!?)

I did pretty well sticking with my eating plan while away- I did eat out most of the time that I was there, but I watched my portion sizes and paid close attention to what I was ordering. The only time I felt guilty was when we went to On the Border one evening and I had a little more than I needed. I didn’t completely blow it, but I knew it was more than I should have had. I weighed Monday after we got back and didn’t feel too bad, I had only gained about a pound and a half. And hey, this was a special occasion, right?

On the way to Atlanta, my  mom brought a devotional that I had actually purchased for her since she travels so much. One of the tracks talks about how in today’s world we have an abundance of choices. We have endless choices on what to eat, what to wear, what to drive, what house to buy, what color paint to use in the bathroom. But, have all these choices created a happier society? No.  Life is getting better, but people are more unhappy. We always want the newest, the latest, the prettiest, the best. There are always Jones’ to keep up with, and we run the rat race trying to do it. BUT- psychological studies have shown that getting that thing that we desired so much, whether it be the house down the road, the new car in the neighbor’s driveway or the diamond watch you’ve had your eye on DOES NOT equal happiness. We may think that the new outfit will bring us happiness, but once its ours, we are no more happy than before. These are psychological studies, not spiritual mind you. I just found this so interesting, and reflecting on my life, I really do live a life of indulgence. If I want it, I buy it/eat it/get it. And this lifestyle has not been healthy for me.  My goal is really to live a life of moderation. In all aspects, not just food. I don’t need the newest, latest, prettiest, best.  What I do need is to be truly thankful and happy for what I have and let that be enough.


I Have a Sponser

1 Sep

Tonight I believe I’ve made one of the most important steps since I’ve started this program of OA and adopting a new and healthier lifestyle. I called a lady from my OA group that I both respect and admire and asked her to be my sponser. We had just a brief talk tonight, but already I feel like it was a step in the right direction. It’s nice knowing there is someone there that’s been through all of what I’ve been through and is willing to hold my hand through the process. She gave me a couple of things to get started on, and I’m glad that I procrastinated on completing my Step 4 inventory because she said not to work the steps just yet, we’ll get to that later on- together. So see people, procrastination isn’t always a bad thing! 😉

 On a completely different subject- I have to tell you about my new obsession- Greek yogurt. Let me start by saying that I tried several different brands of Greek yogurt and found all of them equally disguisting. I really thought that it was suppose to smell (and taste) like it had gone bad a week ago.  I finally gave up on it and decided I would just continue to hate it for the rest of my life. That was until my friend Kelly bought me a container of Greek Gods yogurt (with honey). This stuff is AH-mazing! I love love luuuhh-vvee it! This morning I was running late to work and didn’t have time to mix a smoothie- so I mixed a little Greek yogurt with some Kashi granola ceral and voile- heaven in a bowl! Seriously, try it- it’s delicious. So, thank  you Kelly for my new love!

On A Lighter Note

29 Aug

So tonight, while enjoying my dinner (2 scrambled eggs with potatoes and onions browned in EVOO)- I see this poor little face staring back at me. Meet my doggie, Chopstix  🙂


                                                                                             Chopstix —————->

A Tough Realization

29 Aug

Whew! I’ve been mulling over how to complete this step 4 inventory for two days. My hand reluctantly holding the pen, I just can’t manage to make myself write the words. Once they are there, in permanent ink, the words will become so real. Not just the words, but my actions. Right now when those memories start to resurface, I can just push them wayyy back to the back of my mind where I don’t have to “own” up to them. But, once they’re in writing, they become a part of me, a part that I don’t want to be, a part of me that I don’t want you to know. A part of me that I don’t want ME to know. I don’t want to admit how important food has been in my life. I don’t want to own up to the fact that it has consumed me for 30 years. And I shutter to think that I’ve isolated friends and family- those that have always stood by me, for my “fix”. You see, if I’m alone, no one has to know what I’m eating, no one is there to judge me for it. So, being alone for me, was comforting. But you never judged me did you? This was yet another lie I led myself to believe so I could be alone with my addiction.

I Hate Mornings

23 Aug

I am not, reapeat:  NOT a morning person at all! I would so much rather stay up late and sleep in, but alas, I have a job (and they prefer me not to do that)! Given grumpiness and general lack of caring in the mornings, it’s hard to eat a good breakfast before work at 8:30am. I’m certainly not getting up any earlier to cook myself egg whites. I would demand a yolk for going through all that trouble! This is where my new love comes in: Smoothies! Love, love, love that I just throw a few ingredients into a blender and I have a delicious (and filling) breakfast within minutes! I start with about 6 ice cubes, a splash of rice milk, 2 tsp. of Truvia (or sugar sub. of your choice) fruit of your choice and 4tsp of powered egg whites for protein (usually these are found in the baking aisle of your local grocery store). I’ve done strawberry, strawberry-banana and my favorite- peach. This morning I decide to be a little more exotic I threw in 1/2 a mango and a spear of pineapple. I’ve found my new favorite!  It’s so tasty, I can’t believe it’s actually healthy for me! My sister asked if it actually fills me up like a “normal” breakfast would: well, it does! I’ll drink my smoothie on the way to work about 8:15am and I’m not ready for my mid-morning snack until at least between 10:30 and 11:00am. I hope this helps others with a fast, nutritious and extremely yummy breakfast 🙂