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My New Ways

25 Aug

Well, today I’m a little blah. Honestly I can’t tell if I’m just anxious, or if I’m down about something. I just don’t feel like my usual self and I hate that! Normally I would calm these feelings with food, but it’s a new life for me and I can no longer suppress my feelings by eating. So, here I am. Blogging. Yesterday was an abstinent day for me. (That’s what OA calls it. When you don’t overeat or you stay away from your trigger foods, abstinence). And I’m determined to make it today too. I’m suppose to be meeting my uncle for lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s and my plan is to stick to the salad bar! I’m not going to drown my feelings in high-calorie, high-fat foods that will zap my energy, reverse my weight loss and make me feel guilty for the rest of the day. I just needed to put this out there and make a promise to someone that I wouldn’t blow it, otherwise I may convince myself it okay “just this once”. So thanks for listening and letting me vent, and to you, I promise- I’ll be good 🙂


  So, I didn’t do too bad- I had a small salad with low-fat Ranch on the side and a crabcake (330 cal) with a double side of zuchini (82 cal) and an unsweetedned tea.


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