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I Hate Mornings

23 Aug

I am not, reapeat:  NOT a morning person at all! I would so much rather stay up late and sleep in, but alas, I have a job (and they prefer me not to do that)! Given grumpiness and general lack of caring in the mornings, it’s hard to eat a good breakfast before work at 8:30am. I’m certainly not getting up any earlier to cook myself egg whites. I would demand a yolk for going through all that trouble! This is where my new love comes in: Smoothies! Love, love, love that I just throw a few ingredients into a blender and I have a delicious (and filling) breakfast within minutes! I start with about 6 ice cubes, a splash of rice milk, 2 tsp. of Truvia (or sugar sub. of your choice) fruit of your choice and 4tsp of powered egg whites for protein (usually these are found in the baking aisle of your local grocery store). I’ve done strawberry, strawberry-banana and my favorite- peach. This morning I decide to be a little more exotic I threw in 1/2 a mango and a spear of pineapple. I’ve found my new favorite!  It’s so tasty, I can’t believe it’s actually healthy for me! My sister asked if it actually fills me up like a “normal” breakfast would: well, it does! I’ll drink my smoothie on the way to work about 8:15am and I’m not ready for my mid-morning snack until at least between 10:30 and 11:00am. I hope this helps others with a fast, nutritious and extremely yummy breakfast 🙂